Save Our River Estuaries (SORE)

The goal of SORE is to raise public awareness about environmental and politcal issues relating to the recent proposal to extract water from the Albion and Gualala Rivers by a multinational consortium, and to bring our concerns to the state and federal agencies involved.

Local groups

California Water Laws

US Environmental Protection Agency

Other US Agencies

Non-governmental organizations

Water export & related issues

Great Lakes

Invasive species


World Water & partners

Re: Ric Davidge

Other commercial water export companies

Press Articles

New York Times

Washington Post

Los Angeles Times

Alaska Daily News

San Diego Union Tribune

Sacramento Bee

San Francisco Chronicle

Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Ukiah Daily Journal

Mendocino Beacon


Independent Coast Observer


  • US ACE - United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • US FWS - United States Fish & Wildlife Service
  • US EPA - United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • USGS - United States Geological Service
  • NMFS - National Marine Fisheries Service
  • SWRCB - State Water Resources Control Board
  • NCRWQCB - North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • CCC - California Coastal Commission
  • DFG - California Department of Fish & Game
  • CETOS - Center for Ethics and Toxics
  • NRDC - Natural Resources Defense Council
  • EPIC - Environmental Protection Information Center
  • ALJ - Abdul Latif Jameel Group (World Water partner)
  • NWS - Nordic Water Supply ASA (World Water partner)
  • NYK - Nippon Yusen Kaisha (World Water partner)
  • AWE - Alaska Water Exports (division of Arctic Ice & Water Exports, & World Water partner)
  • CEQA - California Environmental Quality Act
  • RHA - Rivers & Harbors Act of 1899 (section 10 covers estuaries)
  • NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
  • CWA - Clean Water Act
  • ESA - Endangered Species Act
  • EIR - Environmental Impact Report
  • NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement
  • FTAA - Free Trade Agreement of the Americas
  • GATT - General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade
  • FRoG - Friends of the Garcia River
  • GRWC - Gualala River Watershed Council
  • ARWC - Albion River Watershed Council
  • AFY - acre feet per year
  • CSPA - California Sportsfishing Protection Alliance

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