Coho  Salmon  in  Northern  California now  in  danger  of  extinction.


In a “Status Review Update for Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus Kisutch) from the Central California Coast and the California portion of the Southern Oregon/ Northern California Coasts Evolutionarily Significant Units." prepared by the Southwest Fisheries Science Center,  Santa Cruz Laboratory on March 31, 2001,  the  fate of coho salmon appears dire. (The Central California Coast ESU is bounded on the north by Punta Gorda.)

In part, the Summary page reads: "The Central California  Coast  ESU  is  presently  in  danger of extinction.      The condition of Coho Salmon populations in this ESU is worse than indicated by previous reviews."


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The Coho in the Albion are still genetically native, but in order to spawn in Pleasant Valley, THP424,  they’ll probably have to evolve legs to get through the silt laden, saw grass filled, cat-tailed estuary; and if THP033 happens they may have to strap on cross country skis. 


Where is Mendocino Redwood Company’s plan to save the Coho ? - and the forest.   Demand their plans and specifications,  not the MRC spin.


Let a new community of support begin here by the Albion !!!